• Why Trosien Orthodontics?

  • We were voted the #1 orthodontic office in Tracy.  Our office is known for the incredible level of service we provide and the exceptional results we achieve.  We are proud of our warm, welcoming atmosphere where patients and family are treated like guests.

    Dr. Trosien has the highest qualifications
    Dr. Trosien’s qualifications and experience are second to none.  He is an Assistant Professor in the Orthodontic Residency program at UCSF.  He has lectured both nationally and internationally.  He is a published author in TMJ research, orthodontic technology, and Invisalign treatment.  His educational background includes being valedictorian of his dental class at the University of Michigan and Chief Resident of his orthodontic residency at UCSF.  He is a research consultant for, and has a patent with, Align Technology, the makers of the Invisalign appliance.  

    Superior care
    Do not assume that all orthodontists provide the same service.  All orthodontists straighten teeth, but this is only a fraction of what encompasses a successful result.  Our goals for treatment extend beyond achieving straight teeth.  It is important to us that the teeth and the jaw joints function in harmony together.  Besides reducing the risks of jaw joint problems, gum disease and tooth fractures, this proper function reinforces the alignment of teeth. This means that the teeth are much more likely to stay straight for the rest of your life.  We feel that this is the highest goal that can be achieved in orthodontics.  We measure our success by this standard of excellence.  

    Depth of experience
    We have built a reputation treating the most complex cases involving jaw surgery, correction of genetic birth anomalies of the jaws and teeth, and cases that have been unsuccessfully treated  by others in the past.  An ideal orthodontic result requires the knowledge of other dental specialties, as well as orthodontics.  Dr. Trosien meets with other dental specialists to discuss treatment options for complex cases.  

    Advanced technologies
    Dr. Trosien is committed to holding a position of leadership in the profession.  We use the highest quality and latest technology to give you the most efficient way to the best result.  Our titanium alloy “memory” wires allow for fewer visits and faster treatment.   Our fully digital X-ray unit allows for more refined diagnoses and lower radiation for the patients.  Dr. Trosien’s lectures and publications reflect the latest techniques and technologies.  Our relentless pursuit of excellence permits us to make available to you the latest proven advances in orthodontic treatment.

    Commitment to serving you well
    When committing to orthodontic treatment, you are entering into a long term and special relationship with the entire office.  A high level of caring and communication between patient, family, and the orthodontist is vital to the success of treatment.  There is no better place to experience this than in our office.